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Amaze Filter Cleaner 500g

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Amaze Filter Cleaner 500g

(Product Code: amazefc500)

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Filter Clean was developed to quickly and effectively remove the grease, fats and oil residues absorbed by common filter elements. Our heavy duty powdered detergent for Range hood & Extractor fan filter elements is specially formulated by industrial chemists in Melbourne to do the job simply and easily with amazing results! Heaps of our happy customers have told us its also great on the oven chrome wire racks, BBQ plates, grills and a lot more.

So confident are we that AMAZE ‘Filter Clean’ will prove to be the most effect and economical cleaner you’ve used, we will happily offer you the extra security of a full 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If not satisfied with your purchase, return unused portion for a full purchase refund!

The granules needs to be dissolved first in very hot water.The sink or a plastic storage box is good; Approximately 1 tablespoon per litre – then soak the whole element in the solution. Excellent results will be achieved in minutes.