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Power Lopper

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Power Lopper

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The Power Lopper Is our heavy duty ratchet lopper with a revolutionary 5:1 cutting ratio. It will cut stems and branches up to 60mm (2 3/8") dia with ease. A new feature is the ease of exchanging parts.



  1. Lightweight Aluminum Arms - Non rust, easy to control
  2. New Bend Resisting Profile Arms - Designed to withstand lateral pressure
  3. 5 Stage Ratchet System - Only 20% of energy needed to cut through large branches or a single cut within your limits
  4. Double Edged Coated Blade - Clean accurate cut, promotes healthy growth
  5. Easy Access Fittings Throughout - Quick exchange of all components
  6. Discs - Increases structural integrity of the head
  7. Protective Spring Box - Guard to protect spring when in use
  8. Quick Release Arms - Push button release arms with 5 lock in stages
  9. Easy replaceable Arms
  10. Extendable Arms - To double leverage and height
  11. Soft Cushioned Arms - Comfort for extended use